Optimize Your IT Investment with Virtualization Support

Integrate and mange systems faster with MSD IT Professionals’ server utilization and consolidation solutions. Your IT systems are less likely to fail and server restoration is substantially faster. Also, our virtualization services enable your business to reduce the cost of downtime, leading to an increase of productivity and sales, as well as enhanced security. MSD virtualization support gives your business extra time, enabling you to respond to your business needs.

Virtualization Services

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Analyze information & report findings
  • Post-Migration Support
  • Commence knowledge transfer
  • Utilize & maintain virtual environment 24/7
  • Automatic updates
  • Architecture Design
  • Design virtualize infrastructure
  • Develop virtual environment roadmap
  • Support virtual machine workloads
  • Performance analysis for CPU, memory & Disk I/O
  • Identify bottlenecks in virtual infrastructure


Lower Expenses

  • There is an increase of hardware utilization when one physical server holds multiple virtual machines. Applications don’t need to run on their own server causing a large reduction in hardware and software costs.

Save Energy

  • Server consolidation reduces cooling and power costs up to 80% because there are fewer physical servers. You can also power down servers without affecting applications or other users.

Disaster Recovery

  • We deliver platforms with software that enables automatic failover during a disaster that also allows you to test disaster recovery failover. Rest easy knowing, your infrastructure will take proper measures for a safe and quick recovery.

Increase Efficiency

  • Fewer physical servers on hand means there is less to maintain. Your team will now have extra time for productive tasks such as driving new business initiatives, cutting expenses and raising revenue.

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