MSD Mobilizes Your Business

Lower the cost of doing business and do business faster with MSD IT Professionals’ Wi-Fi networks. We work by your side to design and implement Wi-Fi networks that make the most economic sense for your business. MSD ensures that your networks are secure by only allowing proper access along with required security against unauthorized users. Ultimately, we help you increase transactions, reduce inventory, ease entry to markets and suppliers, and elevate supply chain management.


  • Converge wireless
  • Security management
  • Single Solution
  • Efficient network operations
  • Complete visibility into endpoint connectivity
  • Automated wireless configuration & management functions
  • Supports an open API
  • Create multimedia apps to exploit location, context & device info
  • Comprehensive network control
  • Cost-effective method for offloading mobile data
  • Seamless firmware and software updates
  • Supports identity management
  • Allots dynamic bandwidth control
  • Caters to self-care provisioning
  • Offers personalized services
  • Protects performance with forensics and policy enforcement


Anywhere Access

  • Gain mobile productivity with the use of portable Wi-Fi handsets, Wi-Fi-enabled PDAs and laptops. Your team will be able to access real-time information quickly and headache free.


  • You’ll receive greater long-term benefits in dynamic environments that require frequent moves and changes. We help unlock those financial cuffs and free up your business to become more profitable.


  • There’s no need to pull cables through your office walls and ceilings, and there’s no wiring for PCs. Your work environment will be clean and free of switches, adapters, plugs, pins and connectors.


  • Our networks range from peer-to-peer networks that are suitable for limited users to full-infrastructure networks for many more users roaming over a broad area.

Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your IT.

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