MSD Manages Your Business Assets

Getting the most return from your IT investment starts with having a clear view of your hardware and software assets. MSD IT Professionals is your partner to help you gain compliance, visibility and control of your IT assets. MSD will come out to your facility to inventory, and dispose of unwanted equipment. We track your assets by using an inventory method including barcodes, asset tags, and electronic inventory software to ensure traceability and proper management. We can either acquire your assets and inventory them for redeployment back to your employees or customers; or dispose of them properly and record such items with our Data Destruction services. This will leave your business left with the assets you need and care about.

Advantages of Asset Management

  • Optimize your use of existing assets
  • Negotiate with more buying power
  • Avoid costly license non-compliance fines
  • Eradicate unnecessary maintenance and support costs
  • Increase accountability with billing and charge back
  • Take full advantage of warranty coverage
  • Eliminate lease penalties
  • Increase service desk productivity
  • Empower end-users with self-service access
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes
  • Leverage existing service desk and asset discovery software
  • Ensure consistency and quality in IT management activities

Asset Management and Data Destruction

Data destruction is the removal or wiping of an internal storage device such as the hard drive found in computers and printers. We start with an audit inspection of each item received by adding the asset tags and data entry to our inventory system. Moving on then to the Data Destruction area, all data or other information is permanently erased. If the data is unable to be erased, we will physically remove the Hard Drive and physically destroy them to ensure that your information never reaches external factors. Once this process has been completed, each item is located on our shelves and labeled for inventory management purposes. They will then be ready to be shipped back to you or be disposed of. After the process is complete, if requested, we provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your IT.

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