MSD Takes on Image Management

Growth – it’s a common goal all businesses have. However, as your businesses begins to grow, you’ll need to make sure your machines get imaged before your new offices open. MSD IT Professionals works exclusively with you to deliver a custom image that has all the software and programs you would like to be deployed. Our clients simply ship their machines to our facility where we asset tag and barcode each piece of equipment. Then we set it up on our imaging station where we will deploy the customized image to each workstation. After the image is deployed, MSD runs through a customized checklist that has been approved by the client to make sure the machine is imaged and ready for use. Finally, we ship the machines to where ever you would like them deployed. Essentially, MSD takes away the burden of your IT team imaging computers on their own, allowing them to place their focus on more important tasks and to keep your business growing.

Advantages of Enterprise Imaging

  • Hassle-Free
  • Installation of all necessary drivers and programs
  • Each machine imaged in 20 minutes or less
  • Machine is asset tagged & inventoried
  • Shipped by MSD and always on-time
  • Image multiple machines at once to increase efficiency

Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your IT.

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